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Food Safety

ISO 22000 / HACCP / GMP is a standard that provides the necessary requirements of a food safety management system (FSMS) covering all organisations operating within a food chain. The purpose of the standard is to assure good linkage and proper controls among producers, suppliers, retailers and customers, protecting the integrity of the supply chain from ‘farm to fork’. Many companies perceive the implementation of a food safety management system as a major step forward in confirming that they committed to provide safe food products and services to their customers, and continually to meet the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Food safety management system helps you to identify and control potential food safety hazards or failures at every step in the supply chain. Certification to FSMS is vital to ensure ongoing food safety. It gives controls across all stages of your supply chain and reduces the potential incidents. It also positions you in high competitiveness for tender and new market opportunities. The market would accept your company’s reputation as a trustworthy and reliable. The organisation would develop a management system with transparency around accountability and responsibility.

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